American Legion Equestrian Park 

2518 S 630 W                                                                                                                                                                                                               Hurricane Utah 84737


To reserve and book the American Legion Equestrian Park please call the Hurricane Recreation Center at (435) 635-2609.

Schedule of Fees

Schedule of Fees
Description Rental Fee Ticketed Events Over Hours Fee
Main Arena $250/day (8 hrs) 
$150/half day (4 hrs)
$1,000/day (8 hrs) 
$600/half day (4 hrs)
Practice Arena Open to Public - Not Available for Reservation    
Ticket/Concession Building $75/day (8 hrs)
$40/day (4 hrs)
Food Truck Hookups $100/day (8 hrs)
$50/day (4 hrs)
Livestock Pens $15/night (per pen)
$20/week (per pen)
Water Truck Rate $56/hr (Does not include staffing rate for operator)    
Tractor Rate $35/hr (Does not include staffing rate for operator)    
Staffing Rate $34/hr    

Rodeo Grounds

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1. Rental Terms. The Schedule of Fees applies to any rental of the Main Arena. Rental of the Main Arena includes the grooming and watering down of the Main Arena, Practice Arena, and parking areas as needed before and during the event. Rental of the Main Arena includes use of the spectator area/grandstands.

2. Discount. Local (Washington County) non-profits, schools, churches, cities, and organizations that are not charging an entry or admission fee to participate in the event may reserve and use the Main Arena free of charge if no City staff, tractor, or water truck is required during the event. If City staff, tractor, or water truck is required during the event, then the local group shall receive a 50% discount off the normal rental rate. The discount is only available for weekday rentals—holidays are excluded. City-sponsored events are not subject to fees.

3. Practice Arena. The Practice Arena is open to the public for personal, non-commercial equestrian use at no charge. It is not available for reservation, and commercial activities or events may not be held there unless the event is sponsored by the City. When the Main Arena has been rented for an event, participants in the event may use the Practice Arena to warm up and practice in conjunction with the event, but members of the public may not be excluded from the Practice Arena.

4. Public’s Use of Main Arena. The Main Arena may only be reserved upon the payment of the applicable rental fee. During periods that the Main Arena is not reserved, members of the public may use the Main Arena for personal, non-commercial equestrian purposes. The City may exclude the public from the Main Arena in preparation for a reservation.

5. Hours of Operation. Lighting at the Equestrian Park shall be turned off by 12 am and no PA systems or speakers shall be used between the hours of 11 pm and 6 am.

6. Use of Livestock Pens Overnight. The housing of horses in the livestock pens is prohibited, except for bucking stock. Pens may be rented for the overnight housing of livestock at the established daily and weekly rates. The owner of the livestock shall be solely responsible for the livestock’s feed, water, and wellbeing. Hurricane City is not liable for any damage, injury, or death of livestock housed or used at the Equestrian Park, and the owner of the livestock housed at the Equestrian Park shall indemnify and defend Hurricane City from any damage, injury, or death resulting from or in any way relating to the livestock housed at the Equestrian Park. Livestock housed at the Equestrian Park must regularly be used in conjunction with the facilities. The City may require that livestock housed at the Equestrian Park be removed immediately from the Park if the City Staff determine, at Staff’s sole discretion, that the livestock are a danger to themselves or others, are not being adequately cared for, or that the livestock are not regularly being used in conjunction with the Park. If the Main Arena is rented and the livestock pens are needed for the event, the owner of the livestock must remove the livestock from the livestock pens with 72 hours’ notice from the City. Hurricane City shall have a lien on livestock housed at the Equestrian Park as allowed by Utah Code section 38-2-1.

7. Lighting. Lighting is available during the designated Hours of Operation, to be managed by City staff.

8. Ticketed Events. Events for which spectators are charged admission must obtain an Event Permit as required by Hurricane City Code, Title 7, Chapter 7.

9. Weather Refund Policy. When there is inclement weather, at the option of the user, the event may either be rescheduled to another available date or the rental fee refunded on a pro-rata basis, subject to a 15% processing fee.

10. Playground Area. A playground/park area is located at the entrance to the Equestrian Park. The public shall have continuous access to this area regardless of events scheduled at the Park.

11. Non-Equestrian Activities. The Equestrian Park is primarily for equestrian use, but non-equestrian/nonlivestock events may be permitted upon City staff’s determination that the event will not damage the facility or interfere with the equestrian nature of the Park. Events such as mud bogging that may affect the arenas’ topsoil are prohibited.

12. Damage and Repair Costs. Any individuals using the Equestrian Park are responsible to pay to repair any damage they cause to the Park facilities other than normal wear and tear.

13. Inherent Risk. Any individual using the Equestrian Park agrees that Hurricane City and other equine or livestock activity sponsors are not liable for the inherent risks associated with these activities, as set forth in Utah Code sections 78B-4-201, 203.

14. American Legion Legacy. Hurricane City acknowledges that the Equestrian Park is a legacy left by the Hurricane American Legion. The prior rodeo grounds, located at 800 North and 200 West, was gifted to the City under an agreement that the property would continue to serve as a resource for the local horse community, and the prior rodeo grounds were used for several decades. With the consent of the American Legion, the prior rodeo grounds were relocated to the new Hurricane American Legion Equestrian Park. In recognition of the American Legion’s gift of property and the Legion’s intent for the gift, the primary purpose of the Equestrian Park is to serve the local horse community. Hurricane City Staff is authorized to limit the number of commercial event reservations to allow adequate, unreserved periods of time, including some weekends, when the Park remains open to the public.