Ordinances and Resolutions


2023-01 Amending Title 10, Chapter 7 Public Notice Requirements
2023-01 Amending 8-1-4 & 8-4-4 regarding fees for power and water
2023-ZC-01 Sky Ridge PDO
2023-02 Adopting fee schedule for ID cards
2023-02 Amending 8-4-2 Power Board Members2023-03 Transferring funds within the same budget fund
2023-ZC-02 Balance of Nature Update2023-04 Historical Committee Terms
2023-03 Amending 8-1 Rates and connection fees2023-05 Adopting WCWCD excess water surcharge and a monthly standby fee, administrative fee, and extension fee
2023-ZC-03 Zone change for parcel H-231-B-12023-06 Reappoint John Slack to the Water Board
2023-04 Water Conservation2023-07 Power Board Terms
2023-ZC-04 Zone change of parcel H-SMME-1-A  Denied2023-08 Amending Alternative Commercial Power Rate
2023-05 Right of way abandonment on 300 North2023-09 Authorizing and directing the retention of an outside engineering firm to perform development plan review
2023-ZC-05 Zone change of parcels H-4-2-3-1202 and H-4-2-3-30
2023-10 Reappointing Planning Commissioners Shelley Goodfellow and Paul Farthing
2023-06 Amending 7-5-13 City Cemetery Regulations2023-11 Appointing a temporary Justice Court Judge
2023-ZC-06 Zone change of parcels H-3385, H-3393, and H-3399 Denied2023-12 Support of the mountain bike racecourse Denied
2023-07 Model Home Regulations2023-13 Establishing fees for rental of City equipment and supplies
2023-ZC-07 Zone change of parcel H-3396-D and the southern portion of H-3396-E2023-14 Approval of continued participation in CFPP project
2023-ZC-08 Zone change for the Coral Junction update2023-15 Appointing a Deputy City Recorder
2023-ZC-09 Zone change - Eagle Point - Front 9 Denied2023-16 Ratifying the previously adopted policy governing the Hurricane American Legion Equestrian Park
2023-ZC-10 Zone change on Washington County Water Conservancy property on 3000 South2023-17 Amending the rules of order and procedure for meetings of the Hurricane City Council
2023-ZC-11 Zone change on Sand Hollow Road - Planned Commercial2023-18 Establishing a new power rate schedule for Hurricane City
2023-08 Nuisance Enforcement Denied2023-19 Appointing members to the Beautification Committee
2023-09 Amending culinary water impact fee2023-20 Proclaiming April 2023 as Child Abuse Prevention Month
2023-ZC-12 Zone change for Canyon Villas2023-21 Adopting the 2023 Retention Schedule
2023-10 Adopting a Good Landlord Program2023-22 Approving the 2023-2024 Preliminary Budget
2023-11 Adopting a secondary water impact fee2023-23 Approving & Adopting amendments to the 22-23 Budget
2023-ZC-13 Zone change for parcel H-281-A-4-A Denied2023-24 New agreement for Election Services with Washington County Denied
2023-APA-01 Kenneth Heaton Agriculture protection2023-25 Declaring the proposed use of land qualifies as a valid public use located at approx. 500 N State
2023-ZC-14 Beard Zone Change H-3-1-4-31401 Denied2023-26 Updating Hurricane City power standards and specs
ZC23-15 Hurricane Elite Athletic Training Zone Change2023-27 Approving the 2023-2024 Fiscal Year Budget
ZC23-16 Iverson Industrial Zone Change2023-28 Approving and Adopting amendments to the 2022-2023 budget
ZC23-17 Dixie Power Zone Change2023-29 Adopting scholarship amounts for Miss Hurricane
ZC23-18 Bentley Zone Change2023-30 Adopting the Downtown Master Plan
ZC23-19 1100 W M-1 Zone Change #22023-31 Proclaiming Hurricane City as America's City
2023-12 Adopting Title 10 Chapter 52- Inclusionary zoning2023-32 Adopting a policy governing commercial electric charging stations
2023-13 Amending Title 10 Chapter 3 and 43 - Park Models2023-33 Adopting a new rate for commercial electric vehicle charging stations
2023-14 Amending Title 10 Chapter 7 - Multiple ADU's Denied2023-34 Amending the Moderate Income Housing Plan
ZC23-20 Coleman Zone Change H-3-1-33-1142 Denied2023-35 Opposing HB 392 available upon request
2023-15 Amending Title 3, Chapter 1 and Title 10, Chapter 15 regarding Mobile Businesses2023-36 Interlocal Agreement with Washington County for ballot box
2023-16 Amending Title 10, Chapter 1 to add subsection 13 regarding land use applicants' compliance with City Code and Staff comments2023-37 Appointing Nanette Billings to the Washington County Water Conservancy District Board Tabled
2023-17 Amending Title 10, Chapter 37 subsection 9 and Title 10, Chapter 7 regarding fences and walls2023-38 Authorizing the Steel Solar 1A Project second amended and restated transaction schedule
ZC23-21 Dratter Ph 2 Zone Change H-3-2-3-4220-C2023-39 Recertification of the Hurricane Justice Court
2023-18 Amending Title 1, Chapter 1 regarding surplus property
2023-19 Amending Title 10, Chapter 7, Section 23 regarding grading permits
ZC23-22 The Haven Lot 5 Zone Change H-HAV-5-A-1
ZC23-27 Zone change for H-3-2-3-2412-B and H-3-2-3-230911


2022-01 Amending Section 8-4-2 Power Board
2022-01 Updating the Planning Commission Terms
2022-02 Solaroca PDO Zone Change - Denied 
2022-02 Appointment of Nanette Billings to Ash Creek Board
2022-03 Peregrine Pointe West
2022-03 Appointment of David Hirschi to Ash Creek Board
2022-04 Dr Horton Zone Change
2022-04 Appointment of Dave Sanders to Mosquito Abatement Board
2022-05 Coen Zone Change - Denied 
2022-05 Appointment of Nanette Billings Solid Waste Board
2022-06 Calypos Ridge Zone Change - Denied 
2022-06 Participation in Utah opioid abatement fund
2022-07 Loveless Zone Change
2022-07 Appointment of Joseph Prete to Fire District Board
2022-08 Mountain Property Enterprises Zone Change
2022-08 Appointment of Nanette Billings to Five County Association of Governments Steering Committee
2022-09 Shumway Zone Change
2022-09 Appointment of Nanette Billings to WCWCD Board - Denied 
2022-10 ADU Update
2022-10  Parents are Primary Stakeholders
2022-11 Water Conservation 
2022-11 Rights and Liberty
2022-12 Planned Commercial Update
2022-12 Updating the Water Board Terms
2022-13 Enforcement 

2022-13 Sand Hollow Mesa PID District No. 1
2022-14 Amending 3-10-11 Short Term Rentals - Tabled 
2022-14 Sand Hollow Mesa PID District No 2
2022-15 Power Department Zone Change
2022-15 Sand Hollow Mesa PID District No 3
2022-16 Kent Frei Commercial Zone Change
2022-16 Bench Lake PID 
2022-17 Quail Creek Industrial RV Zone Change

2022-17 Appointment of Nanette Billings to Fire District Board
2022-18 208 Main General Commercial Zone Change - Denied
2022-18 Supporting Law Enforcement
2022-19  Frei R1-8 PDO Zone Change
2022-19 Appointing Brad Winder to Planning Commission
2022-20 Amending 8-4-4 Utility Rates
2022-20 Establishing and adopting Municipal Power Fees 
2022-21 Amending 10-7 Commercial Use Permits - Denied
2022-21 Appointing Kelby Iverson to Planning Commission
2022-21(Amended) Amending 10-7-9 Conditional Use Permit
2022-22 Naming of “The Dan Zaleski Trailhead”
2022-22 American Village of the West Zone Change - Withdrew
2022-23  Approving the 2022-2023 Preliminary Budget
2022-23 Amending section 7-1-8 OHV   
2022-24 Approving & Adopting Amendments to 21-22 Budget
2022-24 Lone Pine Zone Change 
2022-25 Increasing the amount for public safety employee contributions
2022-25 Coen Zone Change for RA-0.5 - Tabled
2022-26 Approving Interlocal Agreement Equestrian Park     
20222-26 Forsyth 1 Zone Change

2022-27 Approving Interlocal Agreement w/NRCS
2022-27 Forsyth 2 Zone Change  - Denied
2022-28 Approving Interlocal Agreement regarding crime scene equipment
2022-28 Black Ridge PDO and Development Agreement
2022-29 Adopting a fee schedule for animal shelter  
2022-29 Amending Title 2 Chapter 1 Airport Authority
2022-30 Adopting a fee schedule for GRAMA documents (police) 
2022-30 Amending design standards to secondary water
2022-31 Adopting a fee schedule for services provided by police depart.
2022-31 Moccasin Flats Zone Change - Withdrew
2022-32 Approving and adopting amendments to 2021-2022 budget
2022-32 Hurricane Power Zone Change 600 N
2022-33 Approving the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year Budget
2022-33 Agricultural Protection Overlay – Annie Reeve
2022-34 Approving increase in billing rates for water usage
2022-34 Adding Section 7-1-9 Golf Carts on City roads - Denied
2022-35 Establishing rates water used during construction with fire hydrants
2022-35 Dixie Heights PDO Zone Change 
2022-36 Authorizing the Steel Solar 1A Project amended and restated Transaction schedule
2022-36 Amending 10-3, 13, 33, 34 & 4-2 regarding site plan design, open space and amenities, outdoor lighting and parking new developments
2022-37 Updating Airport Board Authority Terms     
2022-37 Amending 10-39-10 and creating 10-7-24 Water Acknowledgement
2022-38 Adopting Five County AOG Hazard Plan  
2022-38 Adding Section 7-1-9 Golf Carts on City roads
2022-39  Kachina Ridge PID - Withdrew
2022-39 Hatcher 650 S Zone Change
2022-40 Watersmart Grant -secondary metering
2022-40 Stout Zone Change and development agreement
2022-41 Watersmart Grant- AMI application 
2022-41 Silverado Zone Change
2022-42 Power rate increase
2022-42 Bevin Johnson Ag Protection
2022-43 Water Revenue Bonds Series 2022
2022-43 Dale Johnson Ag Protection      
2022-44 Moderate Income Housing Plan
2022-44 Reeve Ag Protection Overlay 2
2022-45 Appointing Dustin Sullivan to Coral Junction PID Board
2022-45 Dratter Estates Zone Change - Denied
2022-46 Appointing David Sterling to Gateway @ Sand Hollow PID Board
2022-46 Elim Valley RM-3
2022-47 Appointing temporary justice court judge
2022-47 Amending 9-1-3 acknowledgment waiver for building permits
2022-48 Portion of Turf Sod Road Abandonment
2022-48 Temporary Road Closure at the intersection of 1515 W & 200 S
2022-49 2800 W Road Abandonment
2022-49 Amending 1-9-15 & 17 Purchasing Procedures
2022-50 Disposal of H-3395-A-P-2
2022-50 Franchise changes   

2022-51 Amending 7-5 Cemetery regulations   

2022-52 Amending Title 3-10-11 Short term rentals - combined with 2022-62

2022-53 Amending Residential Agriculture Standards

2022-54 Steward Land Holdings Planned Commercial Zone Change

2022-55 Increase the power impact fee recovery rate from 75% to 100%

2022-56 Amending Title 1 Chapters 5, 6, and 8

2022-57 Amending Title 3 Chapter 3 Business Licenses

2022-58 Hinton PDO Zone Change - Denied

2022-59 Buck Hurst Zone Change

2022-60 Pecan Valley RR and PDO Zone Change

2022-61 Reception Centers as Conditional Use Permits

2022-62 Short Term Rental

2022-63 Airport Notice on Plat

2022-64 Amending Title 7, Chapter 7 Events

2022-65 Zone change on Sand Hollow Rd

2022-66 Zone change 677 N State Desormier