TM Hinton

Thomas Maurice and Wilhelmina [Mina] Walker, Hinton Home Video

The Hinton’s moved to Hurricane from Virgin in 1906.They were the first settlers in the new town. They first lived in a wood structure that Thomas had built for his sister Annie and her husband Thomas Isom. 

That first house was located on the North West corner of State and Main Street, where Wells Fargo Bank is now. It was taken down to build a bigger home for the Isom’s.  Later the larger home was taken down.

Thomas and Mina Hinton lived in the first house while they built another one like it a few blocks north, on their own lot. The Hinton family lived in this house until 1918 when they moved into their new brick home just in front of the wooden granary. 

The granary with a rock lined cellar was an important part of the family life.  This home is a good reminder to us of the early homes here in Hurricane and can be toured upon request by going to the Main Museum. Home Video