City Council


  • 6 pm
  • 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month
  • 147 N 870 W
    Council Chambers
    Hurricane, UT 84737

Business sessions are where the Council takes action on agenda items and where citizens can become part of the decision-making process during the Public Forum. Closed sessions are not open to the public. Discussions within these meetings are legally limited to litigation, property acquisition, or personnel issues. Special and Joint Council/Planning Commission meetings may be added to the schedule throughout the year. These special meetings will be announced at least 24 hours prior to the meeting date.


  • 5 pm
  • 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month
  • 147 N 870 W
    Council Chambers
    Hurricane, UT 84737

This pre-meeting session gives the Council an opportunity to receive staff updates from department supervisors and to be presented with additional details about specific agenda items.

Agendas & Minutes

Audio recordings of each meeting are available on the Utah Public Notice website. A CD with the audio can be requested but there is a fee associated with it. For agendas and minutes not posted on the website, or for copies of meeting recordings contact the City Recorder. Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Current Ordinances and Resolutions 

2022-02 Solaroca PDO Zone Change - Denied2022-02 Appointment of Nanette Billings to Ash Creek Sewer District Board
2022-03 Peregrine Pointe West Zone Change2022-03 Appointment of David Hirschi to Ash Creek Sewer District Board
2022-04 DR Horton Zone Change2022-04 Appointment of Dave Sanders to Mosquito Abatement Board
2022-05 Coen Zone Change - Denied2022-05 Appointment of Nanette Billings Solid Waste Board
2022-06 Calypos Ridge Zone Change - Denied2022-06 Participation Utah opioid abatement fund
2022-07 Loveless Zone Change2022-07 Appointment of Joseph Prete to Fire District Board
2022-08 Mountain Property Enterprise Zone Change2022-08 Appointment of Nanette Billings to Five County Association of Governments Steering Committee
2022-09 Shumway Zone Change2022-10 Parents are Primary Stakeholders 
2022-10 ADU Update2022-11 Rights and Liberty
2022-11 Water Conservation2022-12 Updating the Water Board Terms
2022-12 Planned Commercial Update2022-13 Sand Hollow Mesa PID District No. 1
2022-13 Enforcement2022-14 Sand Hollow Mesa PID District No. 2
2022-14 Amending 3-10-11 Short Term Rentals - Tabled2022-15 Sand Hollow Mesa PID District No. 3
2022-15 Power Department Zone Change2022-16 Bench Lake PID
2022-16 Kent Frei Commercial Zone Change2022-17 Appointment of Nanette Billings to Fire District Board
2022-17 Quail Creek Industrial RV Zone Change2022-18 Supporting Law Enforcement
2022-18 208 S Main Zone Change - Denied2022-19 Appointing Brad Winder to Planning Commission
2022-19 Frei R1-8 PDO Zone Change2022-20 Establishing and adopting Municipal Power Fees
2022-20 Amending 8-4-4 Utility Rates2022-21 Appointing Kelby Iverson to Planning Commission
2022-21 Amending 10-7 Commercial Use Permits - Denied
2022-21(Amended) Amending 10-7 Conditional Use Permits
2022-22 Naming of "The Dan Zaleski Trailhead"
2022-22 American Village of the West Zone Change - Withdrew application2022-23 Approving the 2022-2023 Preliminary Budget
2022-23 Amending section 7-1-8 OHV2022-24 Approving & Adopting Amendments to the 21-22 Budget
2022-24 Lone Pine Zone Change2022-25 Increasing the amount for public safety employee contributions
2022-25 Coen Zone Change for RA-0.5 - Tabled2022-26 Approving Interlocal AGreement Equestrian Park
2022-26 Forsyth 1 Zone Change2022-27 Interlocal Agmt with NRCS
2022-27 Forsyth 2 Zone Change - Denied2022-28 Interlocal Agmt for Crime Scene Equipment
2022-28 Black Ridge PDO & Development Agreement
2022-29 Adopting a fee schedule for animal shelter
2022-29 Amending Title 2 Chapter 1 Airport Authority2022-30 Adopting a fee schedule for police GRAMA documents
2022-30 Amending design standards to secondary water2022-31 Adopting a fee schedule for services provided by the police dept
2022-31 Moccasin Flats Zone Change - Withdrew application2022-32 Approving and adopting amendments to the 2021-2022 Budget
2022-32 Hurricane Power Zone Change 600 N2022-33 Approving the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year Budget
2022-33 Agricultural Protection Overlay-Annie Reeve2022-34 Approving increase in billing rates for water usage
2022-34 Adding Section 7-1-9 Golf Carts on City roads - Denied2022-35 Establishing rates for water used during construction with fire hydrants
2022-35 Dixie Heights PDO Zone Change2022-36 Authorizing the Steel Solar 1A Project amended and restated Transaction schedule
2022-36 Amending 10-3, 13, 34, & 4-2 regarding site plan design, open space and amenities, outdoor lighting and parking for new developments2022-37 Updating the Airport Board Authority Terms
2022-37 Amending 10-39-10 and creating 10-7-24 Water Acknowledgement
2022-38 Adopting Five County AOG Hazard Plan
2022-38 Adding Section 7-1-9 Golf Carts on City roads2022-39 Kachina Ridge PID withdrew
2022-39 Hatcher 650 S Zone Change2022-40 Watersmart Grant -secondary metering
2022-40 Stout Zone Change and development agreement2022-41 Watersmart Grant - AMI application
2022-41 Silverado Zone Change2022-42 Power rate increase
2022-42 Bevin Johnson Ag Protection2022-43 Water Revenue Bonds Series 2022
2022-43 Dale Johnson Ag Protection2022-44 Moderate Income Housing plan
2022-44 Reeve Ag Protection Overlay 22022-45 Appointing Dustin Sullivan to Coral Junction PID Board
2022-45 Dratter Estates Zone Change denied2022-46 Appointing David Sterling to Gateway @ Sand Hollow PID Board
2022-46 Elim Valley RM-32022-47 Appointing a temporary Justice Court judge
2022-47 Amending 9-1-3 acknowledgment waiver for building permits2022-48 Turf Sod Road Abandonment
2022-48 Temporary Road Closure at the intersection of 1515 W 200 S2022-49 2800 W Road Abandonment
2022-49 Amending 1-9-15 & 17 Purchasing Procedures
2022-50 Amending all franchise ordinances
2022-51 Amending Title 7-5 regarding City cemetery regulations
2022-52 Amending Title 3-10-11 Short Term Rentals
2022-53 Amending Residential Agriculture & Agriculture Protection Zone Standards
2022-54 Steward Land Holdings Planned Commercial Zone Change
2022-55 Increase the power impact fee recovery rate
2022-56 Amending Title 1 Chapters 5, 6, and 8 Administrative procedures
2022-57 Amending Title 3 Chapter 3 Business Licensing


Nanette Billings   Mayor


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Joseph Prete

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Hurricane City Council Members are elected at large and serve four-year terms (Utah State Code Section 2-6-030). The Council is responsible for carrying out Hurricane City's legislative and executive powers. Council members are also assigned specific oversight and coordination responsibilities for various functional areas within the city. Members may be contacted by emailing the City Council.

Citizen Participation

Citizens are encouraged to attend and contribute to the Council meetings during the Public Forum section which begins at 6:15 pm. Please sign in with the City Recorder at any regularly scheduled meeting by 6 pm to be put on the forum agenda.

In order to be considerate of everyone attending the meeting and to more closely follow the published agenda, public comments will be limited to two minutes per person per item. A spokesperson representing a group to summarize their concerns will be allowed five minutes to speak. Repetitious commentary will not be allowed. If you need additional time, please submit a written agenda item request form with the City Recorder before 5 pm the Wednesday one week before the Council meeting. 

Another way the Council seeks citizen input is during public hearing items. Agenda items labeled Public Hearing can be commented on by the public. Before the Council makes a final decision on an issue, the public is given an opportunity to comment on the issue during the Council meeting.