Pressurized Irrigation


Irrigation water is screened, but not treated. Because of this, pressurized irrigation water is not drinkable. Residents should take the same precautions they would with any irrigation water that may contain bacteria regularly found in rivers and streams. Do not allow children to play in irrigation water. It is recommended that "kiddie pools" be filled utilizing culinary water from a hose bib attached to the residents' home.

Call the Utilities Office at 435-635-2811 for information on availability, connecting to irrigation service, and rates.

Muddy Water

Our irrigation water comes from the Virgin River. When it rains anywhere upstream, on the river drainage area, there is a potential for floods and muddy water. Usually, this only affects our irrigation water for a few weeks in July or August.

We pump the river water out of the Quail Lake pipeline to a settling pond. The pond allows the worst of the mud to settle. Then the water goes through a filter station where it is filtered to 200 microns and out to our residents. We continually try to monitor mud in the river. When we are aware of it we shut our pumps off and don't let the mud into the system. Frequently the floods are in the middle of the night and we are unaware of them.

I want to encourage the residents that notice too much mud in their irrigation water to turn it off. If you need to use culinary water to keep your plants and lawns alive, please use it sparingly. Then return to using irrigation water.