Backflow & Cross-Connection

Backflow Information

Backflow happens when any physical connection or arrangement of piping or fixtures may allow nonpotable water or industrial fluids or other material of questionable quality to come into contact with potable water inside of a distribution system. If a cross-connection cannot be eliminated, protection will be required by the installation of an air gap or other approved backflow prevention device in accordance with the plumbing code. All residents deserve clean and safe drinking water. The cooperation of the public is necessary to protect our water supply.

Cross Connection Public Awareness

There are many connections to our water distribution system. When connections are properly installed and maintained, the concerns are very minimal. However, unapproved and improper piping changes or connections can adversely affect not only the availability but also the quality of the water. A cross-connection may let polluted water or even chemicals mingle into the water supply system when not properly protected. This not only compromises the water quality but can also affect your health. 

So, what can we do? Do not make or allow improper connections at your homes. Even that unprotected garden hose lying in the puddle next to the driveway is a cross-connection. The unprotected lawn sprinkler system after you have fertilized or sprayed is also a cross-connection. All sprinkler systems connected to the culinary water supply need to be inspected yearly. Please call 435-635-9442 to arrange for an inspection. When the cross-connection is allowed to exist at your home it will affect you and your family first. If you'd like to learn more about helping to protect the quality of our water, call us for further information about ways you can help.