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Hurricane Police Department BadgeAbout the Hurricane City Police Department

The Hurricane City Police Department strives to be a community-oriented police department. We feel that working with our community and having them as partners, is one of our greatest assets. Community policing is more than just words, we strive to build relationships within our community that makes our citizens comfortable reporting issues to us. Fighting crime takes a partnership between our citizens and officers. We encourage people to "see something say something".


The Hurricane City Police Department is made up of 36 full-time officers consisting of the Police Chief, Patrol Division, and Investigations Division. Additional assignments include School Resource Officers, Traffic Enforcement Officers, 2 K9 Officers, and Washington County Drug Task Force Officer. Our officers patrol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Hurricane Police Department Patrol Area is roughly 55 square miles and includes residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, open space, and farmland.

Hurricane Police Department BuildingOur department works hard to make sure our officers are trained and have the equipment necessary to do the job. This ensures both the officer's safety and the safety of the citizens we serve. Our department has established monthly in-house training for all officers to ensure that a basic standard of competence is met. Our officers are trained in de-escalation of situations, Crisis Intervention, Communication, Utah State Law, gang identification, first aid and CPR, DUI enforcement, and drug identification. Officers have current certifications in firearms, taser, OC (pepper spray), radar, and intoxilyzer.

Each of our patrol vehicles is equipped with a laptop computer and printer that enables an officer to access information such as driver's license data, vehicle registration, and warrants from their vehicle; as well as allowing the officer to receive calls for service as soon as they are entered by dispatch and to write reports while on the streets instead of in the office.

Community Involvement

The Hurricane City Police Department encourages community involvement. Our officers meet with community and school groups, coffee with a cop, assist with Bike Rodeos and Shop with a Cop; as well as provide traffic control and law enforcement support for the many events that occur in the City.

Emergency Management

As the department that oversees Emergency Management for the City of Hurricane, we are continuing to work with Community representatives and volunteers in developing and implementing a Community Emergency Response Plan, as well as working with City officials on a City Disaster Response Plan. We also support CERT training and establishing Neighborhood Watch groups.

Hurricane Public Information Radio

Station 104.5 FM, was established to broadcast vital information in the event of an emergency or disaster in our area and provide other public information broadcasting. Tune in!

2022 Year End Report

The 2022 Year-End Report is available for download here.2022 Year End Report

Department Policies & Procedures Required by State Law

As required by state law, the City of Hurricane Police Department is making the following policies and procedures available to the public. Each document can be viewed by selecting the associated link:

Downloadable Forms

All listed forms are property of the Hurricane City Police Department and shall only be used for official police reporting. Before using any of these forms a police report must be filed by contacting the Police Department at 435-627-4999: