Power System


Hurricane Power serves approximately 8,718 customers within the city limits. Total power sales in 2022 were 154,867,658 Kilowatt Hours with a power peak use of 49.275 megawatts.

However, there are areas within the city limits that Hurricane Power does not serve. The Harrisburg development area is served by Rocky Mountain Power. Sand Hollow Resort, Dixie Springs, Elim Valley, and areas directly west of Dixie Springs and Elim Valley are served by Dixie Escalante.

Note to home builders: Because of the different electric providers within the city, different permitting applications and impact fees are required. See the Building Department page for more details.


Hurricane Power employs several strategies to meet the electric demands of the city as economically as possible. One strategy is to own and operate our own power generators to meet peak power demand. Currently, we have three, 1.6 megawatt Caterpillar diesel generators and five 2 megawatts Caterpillar natural gas generators. Watch this 2013 Wheeler Power Systems video featuring our Hurricane Generation Facility.

Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems

Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) is a governmental agency that provides comprehensive wholesale electric energy, on a nonprofit basis, to community-owned power systems throughout the Intermountain West. The UAMPS membership represents 50 Members in Utah, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

Hurricane Power is also a member of UAMPS. This partnership allows Hurricane Power to obtain electric energy from various economical sources that Hurricane Power could not acquire working as a free agent.