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RAP Tax Application                                                                                                                                            The Recreation, Arts and Parks Tax or "RAP Tax" is to enhance or support the funding of publicly owned or operated recreational, zoological facilities, botanical, and cultural organizations owned and operated by institutions or private nonprofit organizations.

Each year applications are open to request a portion of the RAP Tax funds for your project. Funds are generated by the one-tenth of one percent (0.1%) sales and use tax levied within Washington County to fund Recreational, Arts, and Parks projects within Hurricane City, (“RAP Tax”).

Funds may be requested for either operating expenses or capital projects. Funds can be used for specific, standalone projects or supplements to the organization's annual operating budget. Funds may not be used for payroll-related or living expenses.

Applications open February 1st and are due March 1st. You can fill out an application here.

Application review will happen by a RAP Tax Committee and decisions will be taken to the council and approved with funding starting at the beginning of the budget year which is July 1st