Justice Court

Court Calendar

Access the Hurricane Justice Court calendar (PDF). Note, this calendar is updated frequently.

About the Hurricane Justice Court

The Hurricane Justice Court serves the cities Hurricane and LaVerkin in Eastern Washington County. The Court has territorial jurisdiction over Sand Hollow and Quail Creek State Parks, the Washington County Fairgrounds, and crimes and offenses occurring at the Purgatory Correctional Facility.

The court has subject matter jurisdiction to hear, try, and pronounce judgment in cases of class B and C misdemeanors, infractions, and municipal ordinances committed by persons 18 years or older. In addition, Justice Courts and Juvenile Courts share jurisdiction over most traffic offenses committed by persons 16 and 17 years old. The court also handles small claims cases arising in the area up to an amount of $15,000.

Information on Utah State Courts

General information on the Utah State Court system can be found on their website.

State of Utah Uniform Fine / Bail Forfeiture Schedule

Fines are generally assessed using the State of Utah Uniform Fine/Bail Forfeiture Schedule. For information on adult fine and bail amounts, download the State Bail Schedule (PDF). Be advised that these amounts are recommended fine/bail amounts. On charges requiring a mandatory court appearance, the actual fine amount will be determined in court by the Judge.

Domestic Violence Cases

If you have been arrested or cited for a charge involving domestic violence, the court is required to schedule you for an expedited hearing on the very next Wednesday calendar.

Pursuant to Utah Statute 77-36-2.6: your initial appearance in a case involving domestic violence cannot be waived - even if you retain an attorney.

If you have been charged with or are a victim of a domestic violence charge in this court, you may contact the Advocate, Tiffany Mower, 435-635-9663, ext. 118, at the Hurricane Police Department, to discuss any issues involving no-contact orders.

Legal Advice

The Court Clerk cannot give you legal advice. Only an attorney may give you legal advice on your case.