Emergency Management

Hurricane City Emergency Management Plan

The City of Hurricane is currently working to revise and update its Emergency Management Plan for the City. Police Chief Lynn Excell serves as the Emergency Management Director for the City. He is currently working with City Department Heads and Administration, Community Volunteers, and other State and local agencies, to formulate a plan that will allow communication to be maintained and resources allocated effectively during an emergency in a comprehensive manner.

The City has been divided into 22 Emergency Preparedness Districts, view the map. Each district is organized around key district volunteers which include District Coordinators, Area Representatives, and Block Captains.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The City of Hurricane is establishing CERT as part of the City's Emergency Management Plan. For more information on this program, contact the City of Hurricane Emergency Services Division at 435-635-9663. CERT classes are open to the public, registration and fee are required.

Residents who want to learn basic first aid, emergency preparedness, triage, fire suppression, and other safety skills are invited to register for a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) class beginning in Hurricane City.

The skills learned during the CERT class are geared toward preparing individuals to be calm and ready for whatever may happen during a disaster. Students will also participate in a mass casualty exercise at the end of the course, which will allow everyone to practice what they were taught.

Citizen Alert System (Reverse 911)

We have found that many Hurricane residents have not yet registered on Citizen Alert System and we encourage you to do so. As of this January 10, 2011, there are only 307 Hurricane households that have signed up on the Citizen Alert System.

As a reminder, you only need to register your phone IF it is a VOIP phone (e.g., Vonage), cell phone, or unlisted phone number. All public phone numbers are imported quarterly into the database. A user can list up to three different phone numbers per account.

The Citizen Alert System allows people to sign up to receive notices for power and water outages, critical information during a disaster. It is also a way for us to send out information that would be beneficial to the public.

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